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ATTENTION! Over the past year, a growing number of Instagram users have reported being randomly followed by an account under the name of wocky_kitaki. The user of his account claims to be someone named "Matthew Feldman" (pictured on the left), who is purportedly a lover of music from the 1970's. Mr. Feldman is around Sixty-Eight years old, and has stated on several occasions to live with his wife ("Karen"), with whom he bore (at least) four children. However, many of the details within Mr. Feldman's story do not hold up against evidence. Checking the public records of Staten Island and its surrounding area (the user's self-reported home), we find no current residents registered under the names of Matthew and Karen Feldman who also live together. Matthew also seems to have trouble recounting details that should be basic knowledge to him — for example, the names and occupations of his reported children, or significant events that have taken place in the past couple of decades. There is also a great amount of evidence to suggest that his wife, Karen, is actually deceased (if she even exists at all). Matthew seems to possess an almost feverish desire to make friends with others (even with those much younger than him), and is constantly encouraging other users to visit him and his wife at their home (regardless if people display clear discomfort at the suggestion). For these reasons, WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND REFRAINING FROM INTERACTING WITH THIS USER. If he sends you a follow request or attempts to message you, IGNORE HIM. 


There is evidence to suggest Matthew is involved with a group of cultists calling themselves "Unfortunate Sons." At this point in time, we know very little in regards to the aims and beliefs of the Unfortunate Sons. The extent of Matthew's relations with this cult also remains unclear. However, it is possible that Matthew serves as one of its "recruiters", who exclusively targets younger, more impressionable individuals. However, Matthew has denied the existence of the Sons, and —on a separate occasion —claimed they were only a part of his imagination (the latter may have potentially been done to throw skeptical audiences off the group's scent). This just serves as further evidence to show this "Matthew" CANNOT BE TRUSTED.



If you have any information on this individual and/or his connection to the group known as "Unfortunate Sons", please contact us through this website. We need your help in bringing this Internet terror to justice.


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