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At the outset of his account, Matthew had an almost-daily tendency to post an image of this strange rock formation to his story. It has since been identified as Devil's Tower in Crook County, WY. The reason for this is unknown. Might it have some connection to the Sons?


A strange symbol found within

several of Matthew's posts and multiple 

communications purportedly written

members of the Unfortunate Sons.

Could it serve as an emblem of the cult??


This is a picture of "Karen" taken from Matthew's Instagram account. Although the photograph remains blurry, the subject is very clearly deceased.  What happened to Matthew's wife? 

Was she a victim of cruelty conducted by the Sons?

Paul 3.png

In nearly all of his posts, Matthew ensures to remove both the name and face of Paul McCartney, famous member of British rock band The Beatles

Why does Matthew hate Paul McCartney? 

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